What is an application management user?

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An Application Management User (AMU) is a person designated by the Master User who has authority to act on behalf of the Applicant (legal entity or an individual) in order to register/ modify / submit  applications on EASA Applicant Portal.


All Application Management Users should have legal capacity to validly enter into contracts and legal obligations under their respective applicable/national law. They shall have their own respective login ID and password, which should be kept secure at all times, to access the Applicant Portal and their account.


Application Management Users should have the authority to validly commit/bind the Entity for which they are registered, as established in the Terms of Payment, for all actions which they can take/perform through the Applicant Portal, in particular by way of submitting applications.


Each Application Management User shall be responsible for ensuring that no one else has access to his/her user ID and/or password and/or account in the Applicant Portal. Each Applications User registered on the Applicant Portal (at the request of the Master User) shall be bound by these ToU and the Terms of Payment to which they refer, when submitting applications to the Agency through the Applicant Portal


Both, the Master User and the Application Management User have the privilege to register/change/submit applications for certifications tasks via the EASA Applicant Portal.