What is a master user?

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A Master User (here and after MU) is the person who has authority to act on behalf of the Applicant (legal entity or an individual) and therefore he/she  is the one that will fill in and sign the Applicant Portal Registration Form (FO.APMAN.00127) for the applicant.


There can be only one MU for each applicant and he/she has to provide during the registration to the applicant portal following documentation regarding him/ herself:

-copy of ID or passport

-evidence of the authorisation/powers of the person submitting the EASA Applicant Portal Registration Form (master user), to take such actions, including without limitation signing the registration form (power of attorney, delegation, by-laws, board resolution, etc.)


A MU has the privileges of:

-Registering other persons as Application Management Users

-Registering other persons as Read Users

-Creating and deleting contact persons from the list of contacts of the applicant

-Requesting an address change in the existing addresses of the applicant (via email to the applicant.master@easa.europa.eu)

-Requesting a name change for the applicant (via email to the applicant.master@easa.europa.eu)


The applicant’s Master User should have legal capacity

(i) to validly enter into contracts and legal obligations under his/her respective applicable/national law

(ii), be an agent or employee of the Applicant duly authorised to represent and validly bind the Applicant for the purpose of

 (a) registering his/her principal/employer as an Applicant on the Applicant Portal,

 (b) registering other Applications Users for the Applicant on the Applicant Portal and creating, maintaining, administering/managing and monitoring/supervising the Applications        User accounts on the Applicant Portal on behalf of the Applicant, and

 (c) all actions taken by the Applicant (via the Master User or other Applications Users) concerning registration on, or applications through, the Applicant Portal or any                communications with the Agency.


The Master User shall at all times remain the Agency’s point of contact, responsible within and on behalf of the Entity for the administration/management of the Entity’s accounts in, and use of, the Applicant Portal, particularly for all actions taken/performed on, through or in connection with the Applicant Portal by any Applications User, including submitting applications. For the avoidance of doubt, the Master User shall only request access to the Applicant Portal for Applications Users who have the authority to commit the Entity as established in the Terms of Payment.


It is the Master User’s responsibility to monitor and supervise, on behalf of the Entity, usage of the Applicant Portal by any and all Applications Users. If the Master User identifies an infraction by one of the Applications Users, the Master User shall immediately notify the Agency thereof, take all such corrective measures as deemed appropriate, and ensure that the user’s account/access is immediately disabled. Failure to do so shall render the Applicant liable for the financial reimbursement of the Agency and/or third parties for the actions undertaken or services provided until the moment of such notification.