What do the different statuses mean?

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The applications listed in the application overview are assigned a status.


access applicaitons


The different statuses have the following meaning:





Saved in the EASA Applicant Portal but not submitted yet – EASA has not received your application at this stage.


The application has been submitted to EASA and is undergoing the administrative eligibility check.

Eligibility Check

EASA is in the process performing the eligibility check of your application to verify whether the application can be accepted in principle.
For US/CAN/BRAZILIAN applicants: The status eligibility check means that EASA is waiting for your national authorities forwarding letters.

Request for Revision

EASA has detected a data inconsistency or mistake in the application and requests the applicant to revise the application and re-submit it to EASA.


The application has been accepted from an administrative point of view and the technical eligibility check for final acceptance is in progress.


The application did not pass the eligibility check and could not be accepted by EASA.


The applicant or EASA decides to cancel the application.