Application for ETSOA - Screen 1 - Applicant Data

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On the first screen, 1. Applicant data, you will have to define the address and contact data related to the application. Each address field and contact person has to be defined, even though this might mean entering the same address or name several times. This is due to the way the address and application data is saved at EASA. Please also note that this system also allows to represent company structures and supports the the different rules governing the creation of address data, e.g. Applicant and Certificate address must be the legal name and seat of the company, whereas the Billing and Shipping address can also be postbox address.




Please carefully select the applicable address and contact person for each field in accordance with the guidelines specified below:





Applicant: the Applicant Address is leading address of the applicant's account at EASA. This name and address combination is unique and used as a fixed standard for each application to EASA. As Applicant, the company is registered with its full name and its legal seat as it appears on the Business Registration or similar legal document stating name and seat of the company. In case the applicant is not a company but a natural person, the full name and the address of registry is displayed as it appears in the ID Card/Passport.


A request for changing this address must always be accompanied by a copy of the (changed) Business Registration/Certificate of Incorporation or changed ID/Passport of the Applicant.


Billing Address: The (company) name and address specified in this section will be printed on the invoice/s EASA will issue. A (company) name deviating from the one entered in section 2.1.1 can only be accepted by EASA upon justified request.


Approval Delivery Address: This address will be used as the shipping address for the original approvals/certificates and other original documents. This address might be a Post Box, as well as a street address.


Certificate Address: The (company) name and the address specified in this section will be printed on the approval/certificate EASA will issue. The name and address should be the same as the legal name and legal seat given under “Applicant”.

Contact Type


general Contact

Contact Person: This is the main contact person who will be responsible for the application. EASA will send the application acceptance letter to this contact person.

Financial contact

Financial Contact Person: The name and contact details specified in this section are those of the person that will be contacted for all issue connected with the EASA invoice/s. (e.g. accounts payable clerk). EASA will dispatch an electronic copy of the F&C invoice(s) to the contact person specified as Financial contact. Should you have an agreement with EASA to use a certain standard person for the receipt of the invoices, this person must be selected by the applicant in this field.

shipping contact

Delivery Contact Person: The contact person of this section is the person that the letter with the original certificate/approval will be addressed to.


In case of any doubts or if the addresses in the system need to be changed, please kindly contact your Master User to request the changes via an email to Applicant.Master@easa.europa.eu. Addresses can only be changed or added by EASA, upon justified request.


If contact persons are missing or if their contact details need to be changed, please be so kind as to approach your Master User who has the right to manage the applicant contact data directly in the Applicant Portal.