Application for Major Repair - Screen 8 - Summary/Confirm

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The final tab, 8. Summary/Confirm, offers a summary of the application information and is screen from which the application can be submitted to EASA. Please carefully check the data provided in the overview, prior to submitting the application.


last screen


Press “Submit” to send the application to EASA.




You will be asked to accept the General Conditions and Terms of Payment. You need to tick “Yes” in order to have the application submitted to EASA. If you click on "No" the submission process will be aborted.




You will be automatically led back to the Applicant Portal entry page where the application just submitted now appears in the overview list with its EASA ID and its current status. From here you can access the other Applicant Portal functionalities, e.g. start registering the next application or logout.




After having submitted your application you will receive an automated confirmation of receipt and following a favourable result of the application eligibility check, an email indicating the acceptance of your application. Please also see the FAQ section for further information on the follow-on process.