Application for Minor Change to ETSOA - Screen 4 - Application details

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The fourth tab, 4. Application details, demands information on the demonstration of capability of production and of eligibility according to Part 21.


ETSOA Application details


Please fill in the fields according to the following guidance:


1. Data requirements:


Data requirements


Demonstration of capability for production:


Applicants from EASA member states: enter POA number according to Part 21 subpart G or reference to letter of agreement according to Part 21 subpart F or indicate whether an application has been filed with the responsible NAA.


Non-EU applicants: enter TBD and contact EASA at etsoa@easa.europa.eu to know which conditions will apply.


Remarks: you can use this field to add any additional remarks


2. Part 21 demonstration of eligibility*


Please choose the applicable way of demonstrating eligibility in accordance with Part 21 by activating the relevant radio button. You must choose one option.


Part 21


If applicable, please provide the application date and project number of any concurrent (A)DOA project.


Applicants from countries not located in an EASA member state do not need to demonstrate eligibility via an (A)DOA.