Application for Major Repair - Screen 6 - Application details

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The sixth tab, 6. Application details, asks you for more information on your application as well as for your demonstration of eligibility with reference to Part 21.




Please populate the fields according to the following guidance:


1. Description


Major Repair desciption


Title*: Give a short title not exceeding 40 characters.


Description*: Give a brief description of the design change / damage and repair design. Please also use this field to enter any additional identifying criteria for the applicable product, such as variant name, specific configuration, etc.

Affected Areas: Identify all parts of the type design and the approved manuals affected by the change / repair, and the certification specifications and environmental protection requirements with which the change / repair has been designed.


Re-Investigations: If necessary, make reference to further attached documents, e.g. relating to Part 21, § 21A.101 compliance.


Justification: Identify any re-investigations necessary to show compliance of the changed / repaired product / equipment with the applicable certification specification and environmental requirements; if necessary make reference to further attached documents.



2. Part 21 demonstration of eligibility*


Please choose the applicable way of demonstrating eligibility in accordance with Part 21 by activating the relevant radio button. You must choose one option.


Part 21


If applicable, please provide the application date and project number of any concurrent (A)DOA project.


Applicants from countries not located in an EASA member state do not need to demonstrate eligibility via an (A)DOA or certification programme.


In case you are demonstrating capability via a certification programme (ELA 1, see below), please activate the "Without an application for DOA" radio button and make reference to the certification programme in the Remarks field on screen 7. Attachments.


Certification Programme

Demonstration of capability via a certification programme for:


Demonstration of capability via AP DOA for:

ELA1 aircraft

ELA2 aircraft

Engine [to be] installed on ELA1 aircraft

Engine [to be] installed on ELA2 aircraft

Propeller [to be] installed on ELA1 aircraft

Propeller [to be] installed on ELA2 aircraft



Please note that the data marked with the red * is mandatory and the application cannot be submitted if these fields have not been filled with data or no radio button has been activated.