Application for Minor Change - Screen 3 - Applicability I

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The third tab, 3. Applicability 1, contains the EASA product list with all products certified / validated at EASA.


Screen Appl1


The EASA product list is a hierarchical structure with four levels. Products can only be selected on the Model level, the system will then default certain data depending on the selected model(s). It is mandatory to identify a product, otherwise the application cannot be submitted.





Please proceed according to the following guidance:


1.) Products*


In order to view and select models, you need to open the folders by clicking on the + signs.


The product list is sorted by TC Holder’s name, so please click on the cross + next to the letter the TC Holder Name starts with. This will make the type(s) of the selected TC Holder visible. If you then click on the cross next to the type name, you will be shown the model(s) of that type.


Please note that the Search functionality has currently been implemented as an exact search for the model name. In case your spelling deviates from the listed model name, the system will not find the entry. We therefore advise you to navigate to the model level by opening the tree structure, rather than applying a search.





Tick the box next to the model / type name, then press “Add”. The chosen types / models will appear in the selection box on the right of the screen.

Hint:  By placing a tick into the box on the level of the Type, all models are automatically selected. If you would only like to select certain models of a type, you can place the tick on the level of the model(s).




By ticking the box next to the models in the right screen and pressing the button “Remove” you can delete models from the selection box.





The system allows to a certain extent the mixing of different products, but only of the same product category, e.g. Fixed Wing. Otherwise you will receive an error message.





In case you cannot find a product in the product list, please first make sure that:

the product has been validated/certificate in Europe

is not Annex II

your search is in line with the product name of the TCDS


If you think a product is missing from the list, you could either contact Products.Master@easa.europa.eu or mark the box below the product list.




Once the box has been marked, a text field will open into which you can enter the description of the product that has been missing from the list. Please make sure to describe the missing product as closely as possible, indicating the Type Certificate Holder, TC Number, Type and Model name.




The Product List only displays to the level of model. Specific variants are not part of the EASA product list and cannot be selected. In case you wish to make an application for a certain variant, please select the applicable model and enter the variant name or other identifying criteria into the Description field on Screen "Application Details".


You can find further information in How to choose a product and its following topics.