Application for Minor Change to ETSOA - Screen 3 - Certification basis

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Under the third tab, 3. Certification basis, information on the ETSO standard and deviations (if any) is to be entered.


Certification basis


Please fill in the fields according to the following guidance:


1.) Certification basis: Please enter the ETSO standard according to the table below by choosing it from the drop-down list.


ETSO Standard 1


Then press “Add standard”, and the designation will appear in the field below the entry field.


ETSO Standard 2


Please kindly note that thus you can enter several standards if necessary.


ETSO Standard 3


By marking a standard and press the button “Delete selected standard” you can delete a standard again.


2.) Deviations: Please indicate whether the application includes deviations and make reference to the document explaining the compensating factors or the design features providing an equivalent level of safety or state “None” if the equipment is fully compliant with the requirements.