Application for STC - Screen 2 - Application nature

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The second tab 2. Application nature asks for basic information of your STC application.



Please proceed according to the following guidance:


1.) Classification*


Please choose the correct classification category Simple, Standard or Complex by activating the relevant radio button.




F&C Regulation - Part V - Explanatory Note (7)




EASA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC)

EASA major design changes

EASA major repairs

STC, major design change, or repair, only involving current and well-proven justification methods, for which a complete set of data (description, compliance check-list and compliance documents) can be communicated at time of application,

and for which the applicant has demonstrated experience,

and which can be assessed by the project certification manager alone, or with a limited involvement of a single discipline specialist.

All other STC, major design changes or repairs.

Significant (*) STC or major design change

Validated US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) STC

Basic (**)


Significant non-basic

Validated FAA major design change

Level 2 (**) major design changes when not automatically accepted. (***)

Level 1 (**)

Significant level 1

Validated FAA major repair


(automatic acceptance)

Repairs on critical component (**)



(*) "Significant" is defined in paragraph 21A.101 (b) of the Annex to Regulation (EC) No 1702/2003 (and similarly in FAA 14CFR 21.101 (b)).

(**) For the definitions of "basic", “non-basic”, "level 1", "level 2", "critical component" and “Certificating Authority”, see the applicable bilateral agreement under which the validation takes place.

(***) Automatic acceptance criteria by EASA for level 2 major changes are defined in the applicable bilateral agreement under which the validation takes place.



2.) Flight Manual*


Please specify whether changes to approved parts of the Flight Manual shall be included in the application by activating one of the radio buttons.


Including FM


3.) Applicant's Reference*


Please provide a unique internal reference to this application. This reference will be used as an identifier of your application in all communication, e.g. invoice/s, acceptance letter, by EASA. The field length is 40 characters, longer references will be automatically cut and not saved.


Applicants Ref


Please note that the data marked with the red * is mandatory and the application cannot be submitted if these fields have not been filled with data or no radio button has been activated.