How to register

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Applicants wishing to register to the EASA Applicant Portal need to complete form FO.APMAN.00127 – EASA Applicant Portal Registration Form and submit the completed and signed form together with the mandatory additional document(s) to:




The additional mandatory documents to be submitted are specified in the form.


First time applicants:

In case the applicant has never submitted an application to EASA, Form “FO.APMAN.00026 – EASA Applicant Account Creation/Modification Request” needs to be submitted in addition to the Applicant Portal Registration Form.


Important Note: Login credentials to use the portal will only be provided after successful validation of the necessary  documents and when the EASA Applicant Portal has been fully deployed.


Upon successful validation of the registration form and additional documents, EASA will contact the designated Master User and provide her/him with login credentials to the Applicant portal.




The Master User will then have to take the following one-time steps:


1. Login to the EASA Applicant Portal at https://ap.easa.europa.eu (see How to...Login)


2. Accept the Applicant Portal Terms of Use




3. Review the applicant's addresses and either confirm them of request a revision (See Confirm the addresses)