How to edit an application

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If you would like to edit an application you need to click on the application to mark it and then click on Edit/View application.

It is only possible to edit applications which are either in status Draft or in status Request for Revision.


edit an application


The application will then open and you can edit all data fields and save or submit the changed application.


If you notice a mistake after you have already submitted an application, please contact New.Applications@easa.europa.eu. The Application Management team will then re-open your application so that you can revise the application data. You can then re-submit the application with corrected data to EASA.


Should the Application Management team notice an error in your application, they will likewise re-open the application for your revision and notify you via email.


In case the application has already been registered by EASA, in which case a project has been created, it will only be possible to amend the project data. The application data on the applicant portal will remain unchanged.