How to choose a product

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Products can be selected on Screen Applicability 1.


Applicability I


A product must fulfil the following requirements to be part of the EASA product list:

be certified or validated in an EASA member state and associated countries

be an aircraft, engine or propeller

must not be classified as Annex II


The product list only includes models, but not variants.


The EASA product list is a hierarchical structure with four levels. Products can only be selected on the Model level.





In order to view and select models, you need to open the folders by clicking on the + signs. By placing a tick into the box on the level of the Type, all models are automatically selected. If you would only like to select certain models of a type, you can place the tick on the level of the model(s).





If you click on Add, all selected models will be copied to the selection box on the right hand side.





Please note: The Applicant Portal product list currently displays types that have not yet been certified, have been revoked or are Annex II.

In these cases the product cannot be added to the selection box.