Application for Major Change to STC - Screen 4 - Applicability II

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The fourth tab, 4. Applicability 2, contains the table of Fees & Charges categories.


Screen PL



In case you have chosen a product from the list, the product category is defaulted to the value EASA has listed for the selected type and the screen cannot be edited. Please see further instructions in the How to change the preselected F&C category topic, in case you would like to request EASA to apply a different category.


Fees & Charges Information*


If you have added a product using the free text field on the bottom of screen Applicability 1, you need to identify the F&C category of the product by ticking the appropriate radio button in accordance with the guidelines below.


Screen PL2


The weight category shall refer to the maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of the aircraft type/model as specified in the type certificate data sheet. The MTOW of the initial Type Certificates and subsequently of the majority (more than 50%) of the related models covered by this Type Certificate determines the applicable MTOW category.


Large Rotorcraft refers to CS 29 and CS 27 cat A


Small Rotorcraft refers to CS 27 with Maximum Take Off Weight (MTOW) below 3 175 Kg and limited to 4 seats, including pilot


Medium Rotorcraft refers to other CS 27


Changes/repairs on APU shall be regarded as changes/repairs to engines of the same power rating.